19 | Trans-Masculine Agender | They/He

Hello! I'm a black, nonbinary digital artist who designs fantastical and scary creatures for my personal roleplays or to sell. I also offer commissions.

My main goal as an artist is to improve my character designs so my hobby can become consistent freelance work. With my long-term physical and mental health difficulties, I've found art to be the easiest on my body and mind. As I continue working and advertising myself, I feel closer to achieving that goal.

I use a Huion Kamvas Pro 16 display tablet and Clip Studio Ex.

Background by Marina Grynykha.

Commissions and Customs Information

Status: Open

Lined Style


Lined art with minimal shading. Colored lines, a white border, light noise texturing, and a slight 3D effect is standard, but any or all can be removed upon request.

Prices may vary depending on complexity.

  • Shoulder-Up: $20 USD

  • Half Body: $25 USD

  • Full Body: $30 USD

Lineless Style


Lineless art with minimal shading. A white borders and light noise texturing is standard, but any or all can be removed upon request.

Prices may vary depending on complexity.

  • Shoulder-Up: $15 USD

  • Half Body: $20 USD

  • Full Body: $25 USD

Will Draw

  • Human(oids) (Kemonomimis, Aliens...)

  • Androgynous / Feminine / Masculine Bodies

  • Muscular / Skinny / Chubby Bodies

  • Nudity


  • Complex Designs

  • Heavy/Layered Clothing

  • Anthropomorphic (Better with flat-faced)

  • Mild Gore (Blood, Scars...)

  • Dynamic Posing

  • Dialogue

Won't Draw

  • Detailed Cybernetics

  • Detailed Weapons

  • Detailed Armor

  • Heavy NSFW

  • Heavy Gore

  • Animals

  • Complicated backgrounds


If you are interested in ordering, please fill out my Order Form and contact me via private messaging or Discord (Keen#0059) when you're finished.

Current Queue

  • OPEN

  • OPEN

  • OPEN

  • OPEN

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Terms of Service

By ordering artwork or buying a design from me, you agree to these terms.
Breaking any of these rules will get you put on my blacklist.
If interested in my service, please contact me via private messaging on any of my social media or Discord (Keen#0059).

General Rules

  • I retain the full and exclusive rights to the artwork itself and may use it for advertisement purposes. The client may not use it for anything other than personal use.

  • Always credit my art/design. On Toyhou.se, credit to Keens-Bakery.

  • If you post my art somewhere I am not on or where I have not already posted it, please make sure you credit me. If you're unsure of where I post my art, ask.

  • I may use my art for advertisement purposes unless requested otherwise.

  • You may request art to be private or posted on a certain date.

  • You may alter my design and artwork in any way you want after payment has been received, but do not claim the edits as the original version. When transferring owners, make sure you provide them the original version of the artwork.

  • Designs: Do not resell my design for more than what you bought unless extra art is added on. Free art does not count.

  • Designs: If you resell my design, please tell me who currently owns it so I can keep track.

  • Clients will receive a full-sized version of their art with no background, borders, texturing, and signature.


  • Payment will be taken via Paypal. Never send payment until I say to.

  • Designs: I will only hold a design for 24 hours unless asked for a longer hold (up to 72 hours). If you fail to pay within that time frame, the adopt will be released and you cannot claim it again.

  • I do not offer refunds for my sales and work.

Workflow Process

  • The commission process starts when I receive your request form.

  • I require full payment after the sketch is approved, which will be taken via Paypal. Refunds are not available.

  • I will send WIPs (Work in Progress) for approval throughout the process.

  • If any of the WIPs have an issue, please let me know. Major changes or revisions should be done when sketching is complete.

  • Assuming sketches are approved promptly, most art is completed in a week or two.

  • I reserve the right to cancel a commission at any time, for any reason. In the event I cancel a commission, you'll be issued a full refund.

Art Resources

Here is a list of resources I use while drawing. Most of the list is ordered by my most to least used, but overall, I find each one to have been helpful.


  • Simkray: Payment, Natural Hair (Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop, Procreate), Foliage, Blood, Bruises, Etc.

  • TerraTerrific: Clip Studio Paint, Payment, Brushes, Bases

  • Maunderfiend: 18+ Artist, SFW Gumroad, Clip Studio Paint, Free, Payment, Scales, Feathers

  • DAUB: Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop, Procreate, Affinity, Free, Payment


  • Coolors.co: Color Palettes, Color Blind Options, Randomize, HEX/RGB/More, Generates color palettes from pictures, Etc.

  • Paletton: Color Palettes, Color Blind Options, Randomize

  • HTML Color Codes: Color Palettes, Color Picker, HEX/RGB/More

  • DeGraeve: Generates color palettes from pictures. The site has other resources


Poses and Expressions

  • Onair Video: Nudity, Props, Faces, Masculine, Feminine, Groups

  • Senshi Stock: Clothes, Props, Majority Feminine, Masculine, Pregnant, Body Type and Pose Options, Groups

  • Human Anatomy for Artist: Nude, Majority Masculine, Feminine, Body Type and Pose Options

  • Quickposes: Clothes, Nudity, Faces, Masculine, Feminine, Groups, Animals, Landscapes, Urban

  • Magic Poster: Free tool to simply modify a 3D figure to pose and adjust the body type of

Body References


  • Shop Look: Like Polyvore, it allows you to make collages of outfits

  • Chictopia: Used to be a fashion social network. Has an archive of user uploads

  • Ssense: Clothes

  • Met Museum: Clothes from other eras and cultures

  • Fanm Djanm: Headwraps, Bandanas, Headbands, Jewelry by a woman of color

  • Naturally Curly: Natural Hair

  • Sideburn Deluxe: Straight/Wavy/Curly Hair, Short/Medium/Long Hair, Natural/Colorful Hair